everything is Amazing and no one is Happy

i love that we live in a home where clarification is needed by our three year old:

"you made it or buyed it?"

we are diy, crafty kind of folks.

i am always searching for the right balance of staying informed and keeping my heart safe. right after the boston bombing i was on vacation in oregon. while there my friend linda shared this video of amy poelher discussing just that. and i love what she had to say.


The other day Wyeth and Roark were talking about the death scythe. They were both uncertain about the name and how to correctly pronounce "scythe." Roark states, "oh, I call those death hoes."

"remember when I tiny baby in you heart, then I was born"


roark is so excited for school.

"this is how i will wear my hat to school."

this summer he rode his bike for the first time and rode on the first try.
yea for striders!

you got it?

and go!


wyeth's sketchbook has been posted online. he chose the theme science project gone wrong.




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"I sat at the typewriter for the first time and fell in love with the words that emerged like drops, one by one... every drop became something that if spoken would have flown away, but on the sheets as words, became solidified, whether they were good or bad."
Oriana Fallaci



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