everything is Amazing and no one is Happy

this past year has been one we trudged through. a lot of fun along the way, but i think the 7th grade will be remembered as when it all hit the fan. patience with the school system wavered and fell.

wyeth unfortunately has been among the bullied for some time. my first call to the school was in the 6th grade when i drew the line at him getting spit on. needless to say i didn't even get a follow up -- i had to call back. this year everything from tripping, being called a "gay fagot," getting his hand slammed in his locker and then a black eye in april was part of the ride.

we had many meetings (at my request). and found one ally. being in the gifted program was a big bonus for wyman, but that only goes so far before you realize it is more of a title than anything.

when the grades went all over the place this year i knew that the public school environment wasn't clicking with his needs. not only was the lack of feeling safe and secure lending to his academics flaying, but the system didn't seem supportive of his learning style. he literally was going from an A to a D then back up to a B and crashing to an F in the same class all in a trimester.

so we decided to take him to a neuropsychologist. to which all this data from us and the school was compiled along with a bunch of testing. many things were confirmed and much more realized. wyeth is an exceptional young man. on his iq testing his perceptual reasoning score was 129 (the 97th percentile). however, his working memory factor was a score of 77 (below average in the 9th percentile). we were told that most people have 10 point differences on these scores, wyman had a 52 point.

the capacity he holds for spacial comprehension is mind boggling. as the doctor stated we are looking at an amazing engineer or architect. the problem lies with the time it takes for him to do a task on top of keeping the attention span to stay focused. in short his frontal lobe is not firing properly.

it gave us peace to know the reason he doesn't click with most of his peers and relates more to adult company is because they are not on his level or share his interests. they are off goofing around riding bikes and having a good ol' time while he prefers making a four foot tall eiffel tower to scale.

so between the social aspect (see bullying the art nerd here) and the school system's inability to give him the learning environment he requires it was recommended that we home school. in fact we were told that it would be "fantastic" for him. so this fall he will go to 8th grade band with his peers and spend an hour of independent study in the art room, like he did this past year, and then come home to k12.

i am excited and terrified.

here's to year thirteen!



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