everything is Amazing and no one is Happy


it is to the point of being comical, not just frustrating, the love/hate relationship these two have.

oliver klaus gets a big kick out of irritating his big brother (it's a game, didn't you know?). and roark falls into the middle child role of whining and thinking the world is going to end when his little bro goes running off with his pants while he is trying to get dressed (or piece of track he is building...whatever). i remind roro to man-up while i reprimand his beaming brother. roark says, "he is a little damninator."

and yet, if you hand klaus two cookies he automatically runs and gives roro one. and i just love the consoling roark receives when he gets hurt. klaus pats and kisses him. sometimes he even cries with his big brother. in turn roro is often eager to teach his brother all about the world (not just tattle).

typical siblings i suppose. never a dull moment.


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"I sat at the typewriter for the first time and fell in love with the words that emerged like drops, one by one... every drop became something that if spoken would have flown away, but on the sheets as words, became solidified, whether they were good or bad."
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